Idealism is the Foundation of Innovation.

- C. Drumheller

The Oak Services, LLC founder, principal and owner, Catherine Drumheller, IPEP, QEP is dedicated to performing business ethically, accurately, and with consideration to human and natural ecologies. She applies a collaborative philosophy to team selection, treating all


personnel as co-creators. Ms. Drumheller designed “Sustainable Resilience” as a holistic approach to sustainable development. The Sustainable Resilience Approach has its basis in the interdisciplinary study and application of philosophy, natural and physical sciences, and sustainable development. Built on a foundation of relational ethics, deep ecology, environmental science, and integrated ecosystems theory, the Sustainable Resilience Approach seeks to operationalize holism in each intersecting facet of the sustainable development of human societies in pursuit of relational resilience and equity. The ethics, expertise, and commitment that led to the development of the Sustainable Resilience Approach can be seen in all of our projects.