Oak Services, LLC

Oak Services, LLC is a Colorado-based Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and CDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). We provide comprehensive solutions for sustainable development and environmental projects, integrating program design and technical support services.




541620 – Environmental Consulting Service

Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)



541620 – Environmental Consulting Services

541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Support Services

Since our founding in 2011, Oak Services, LLC’s combination of scientific expertise and values-based motivation has driven us to perform all work with empathy and dignity towards natural and human ecologies, coordinated applications of scientific disciplines, and a long-range world view. We believe successful projects can improve the quality of life for the community and future generations, and are dedicated to a respectful, data-driven assessment of any situation.


The Oak Services, LLC founder, principal and owner, Catherine Drumheller, is an Institute of Environmental Practice (IPEP) certified Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) with 20 years of sustainable development and environmental science experience. She has a BS in Environmental Science with an emphasis in chemistry and an MTS with an emphasis in environmental ethics. All projects are supported by Ms. Drumheller and her thoughtfully selected team of experts.



SUSTAINABILITY PLANNING and Environmental Consulting

Oak Services, LLC specializes in designing programmatic solutions for sustainable planning and environmental projects. Our team delivers comprehensive, accessible products, keeping the big picture in mind while tending to the details necessary to provide customized technical solutions for our clients. Our services include integrated sustainable development planning, management systems audits, and environmental consulting.


Oak Services, LLC

2205 West 136th Ave. Ste 106-140

Broomfield, CO 80023


Catherine Drumheller

QEP Principal, President

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